Germantown Academy

School: Germantown Academy
Location: Fort Washington, PA
Head Coach: Peter Shaifer
Assistant Coaches: Matt Davis and Eric Fejjerman
1996-1997 Record: 19-3
Seniors Graduated: 1

Projected Lineup

103- Matt Lukof Fr.
112- Evan Beard So.
119- Jeremy Menkowitz Jr.
125- Chris Meyers Fr.
130- Vaughn Downes Fr.
135- Alex Poor Jr.
140- Ron DeOrzio Jr.
145- Nathan Wachter Jr.
152- Matt Waller So.
160- Chad Puchalski Jr.
171- Ed Serril Sr.
189- Jon Neve Jr.
215- Steve Brown Jr.
275- Kevin Czaban Sr

The Germantown Academy wrestling team is a young, but promising squad. With the loss of senior veteran Matt Blewitt, due to an early decision to dedicate his training to college football, younger wrestlers will be given a chance to prove their abilities. In terms of talent, Germantown Academy has never witnessed a team as experienced or talented as this. The remaining factors seem to be how the team will form together and how much dedication this year's team will develop.

The freshman class this year is a promising one. Chris Meyers, Vaughn Downes, Mike Hayden, and Matt Lukof, all bring years of mat experience varying from junior high to national levels. This group of gentlemen are a group with talent, work ethic, and above all, heart.

The sophomore class is one that brings to the team two returning varsity and a solid group of JV wrestlers. Evan Beard will be returning as a light weight and Matt Waller will be asked to step up hugely for the middle weights. Jace Grahm, Mike Mandel, and Mitch Beer are all returning wrestlers who had great sucess for the JV team. The sophomore class needs to put forth more effort if they wish to aid their teammates.

The junior class is the heart and soul of this bunch. Led by nationally acclaimed wrestler, Nathan Wachter, this group formed by Jon Neve, Taylor Lukof, Jeremy Menkowitz, Ron DeOrzio, Steve Brown, Alex Poor, and new-comer Chad Puchalski, must perform in order for GA to suceed. This is a group whom the other team members will rely on to lead this team into the National Prep Tournament.

The senior class is small but important to the team. Ed Serill will be the most important leader of the team. Kevin Czaban also most be sucessful at the end of the line-up. Jim Pasquarella could also see time.

The one element that this year's team has that was obviosly lacking in GA's previous squads is depth, somthing head coach Peter Shaifer seems to be adding each year. There will be a lot of pressure on this year's team to win the state tournament and place in the top three at National Preps. Good Luck Guys!

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