Congress and Senate to Vote on Title IV Legislation

This is the Big Week!
Congress will vote this week on legislation crucial to the survival of wrestling. The important language is the same both in the House and in the Senate.

If you're ever going to make a call that's going to help wrestling, call your Congressman and Senators on Monday and make sure that they know how you feel.

In the House
The House of Resprentatives will vote on Tuesday. The crucial language is a part of HR6, and it states that a school must notify incoming students if the school intends to drop or reduce the resources of a college sports program during the next four years.

Congressman Tim Roemer from the Notre Dame area has introduced a bill that strikes this language from HR6. Besides the Notre Dame connection, the NCAA is moving ito Indiana, so college administrators are now much more important than kids. Everyone should call him and tell him to withdraw his amendment.

The debate will be hot on Tuesday morning and will probably be covered live on C-SPAN if you're interested in watching it.

In the Senate
The situation in the Senate is somewhat different from the House. The NCAA has already gotten a Senate Committee to water down the crucial language (which presently exists in the House). Later in the week Senators will argue and decide whether Senate should adopt the same language as the House.

We don't know exactly when debate on this will occur, but you can call your Senator and find out. While you're at it, tell your Senator that you would like him to keep the same language as was originally introduced in the House.

The NCAA and every college president and athletic director has lobbied the Congress constantly since Congressman Hastert introduced legislation protecting student-athletes about a month ago.

If everyone reading this column calls his/her lawmakers, educates their lawmakers and asks their lawmakers to vote for kids - not the NCAA, wrestling will win this battle. If not, wrestling has just missed another golden opportunity to determine its own fate.

Remember that this "notification" language has nothing to do with Title IX. It is under Title IV of the Higher Education Act (HR6).

Click here to find the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of all Congressmen.