Fighting Title IX

Rather than merely providing depressing information about Title IX, this page allows you to be proactive in your resistance to Title IX. From now on The Prep Page will be providing the e-mail address of one U.S. Senator or Congressman each month to whom you will be able to send e-mail which expresses your concerns about Title IX. Indisputable facts are provided at the bottom of the page to help you write these e-mails. Please take part in this initiative to show Congress that many people do not support Title IX.
This Month's Lucky Recipient:
John Warner (Republican Senator-VA)

Title IX Facts
The Problem: Rather than complying with Title IX by way of interest of students or adding female athletic opportunities, colleges are destroying male opportunities in order to satisfy gender proportionality quotas.

Since 1973, 20,900 male athletic opportunities have been eliminated while only 5,800 female athletic opportunities have been added.
Sports such as Football, Rugby, Hockey and Wrestling do not have established female equivalent sports.
More than 375 wrestling programs have been dropped since Title IX's inception in 1973.
Division III colleges have lost an average of 26 males per institution while gaining zero female opportunities since 1972 because the only way that athletic directors could comply with Title IX was by eliminating male athletic opportunities, as females' athletic interests were already served.
The majority of male athletes eliminated have been talented non-scholarship reserves whose elimination saves very little in cost and doesn't create opportunities for women.
Women stand to gain more from proportionality if male opportunities aren't eliminated.
High school wrestling has more participants nationwide than ever before. In fact, in terms of participants, it is the sixth most popular sport in high school. This information surely does not suggest a lack of interest in the sport which warrants dropping 375 College programs.

Other Ways to Express Your Opinion
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Quote of the Week
"It does not do feminism any good to create this kind of backlash [from wrestling supporters]. Women's liberation cannot be achieved upon the smoking ruins of men's traditions."
-Feminist Camille Paglia at a Princeton University Athletic Dinner

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