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My Explorations in Electro-Statics

For the past several days, Mrs. Rourke's class of dear, gentle physics students has been thorougly examining the causes and effects of static electricity. We have learned that stactic electricity is created in many ways, such as rubbing an object against hair or peeling tape from a table. Through these experiments, we have learned that static electricity is all around us and it is being produced constantly. Please enjoy this web page, which illustrates my conclusions and observations about static electricity. On this page you will also see many beautiful images which show static electricity at work. Pictures such as lightning illustrate static electricity at its strongest. Although at a much weaker state, shocks can be transmitted between humans, such as when they have rubbed on the carpet.
This results in a painful sting. Ouch, that hurts! Enjoy this exhaustive web site which is dedicated to enhancing your knowledge of electrostatics.

Quench Your Thirst for Electrostatics...
I Discuss the Following Questions:

Note to Mrs. Rourke: All of these questions were answered by me in my own words. They were not merely taken from other sites and pasted. This is completely my work. I wasn't sure whether you understood that in class today.
What is the nature of electrostatic charge?                   
	How do you know it exists?
	How do you know that two types of change exist?
How do you create electrostatic charge?
What is a triboletric series?
How do you share charge?
	What is conduction and induction?
What is an electrophorous?
	How does it work?
What are conductors and insulators?
How can you measure electrostatic charge?
What is an electroscope?	
How are electrical interactions associated with the structure of matter?
What is an electrostatic force?
How does the magnitude of electrostaic force compare to the magnitude of the force due to gravity?
	Is the electrostatic force and inverse square relationship?
What is an electric dipole?
	How can you make one and how does it react with the electrophorous?
What is an electric potential field?
What do the neon bulbs indicate about the motion of charge?
What is a leyden jar?
	Are they related to a capacitator?
	What is a capacitator?
Why can it be shocking to hold hands?
What did Ben Franklin have to do with all of this?
What is Coulomb's law?
	How is it similar to that for Universal gravitation?
	How do the two laws differ?
	How are they similar?
What are mobile electrons?
What is an electron?
	Is it a fundamental particle?
What is a fundamental charge?
What is the Millikan experiment?
	How does it relate to this work on electrostatics?

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Electrostatic Forces at Work

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